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Roots of the Forest Van

It has been called one of the Interior’s most exciting initiatives ever in forest education. After months of planning, plotting and painting, the Interior Logging Association’s (ILA) Forestry Education Van is ready for the open road, and already taking positive messages about forestry to B.C. communities. With a mission to educate and communicate to students at schools and to the public, the van already has a busy schedule lined up. From January 16 to 18, 2002 it will be on display at the Truck Loggers Association’s trade show in Vancouver.

“We’ll be able to customize the interactive aspect of the van, depending on our audience,” explains Deb Sluggett, an education liaison and one of the key organizers of the project. “For instance, a National Forest Week display will be focused on the theme for that year and will be suitable for a younger audience whereas a display on careers and technology will contain pictures relevant to the theme and possibly geared to an older audience.” “It’s important to be able to change or revise the displays,” adds another key project organizer and fellow education liaison Jeannie Steele. “While the interior murals will be fixed, we want to be able to vary the topics being showcased. We will be designing visual fields that will focus on specific topics. A variety of interchangeable materials will give us the potential to update information regularly. The first interior exhibit will address tree products, forest health and forest management.” “It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for spreading forest education around,” continues Jeannie. “We intend to make full use of its potential – you could say we have big plans for the van!”