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Some primary appropriate as well - P/I (Primary and/or Intermediate)

A FOREST OF STORIES: retold by Rina Singh - Barefoot Books Inc.
ISBN: 1-84148-963-8
Magical tree tales from around the world- “The Cypress Tree, The Kapok Tree”, etc. Beautifully illustrated for sharing.

A PIONEER STORY: Barbara Greenwood - Kids Can Press
A great book about the daily life of a Canadian family in 1840 - a wonderful book to
use with a unit on Canada and/or resources - complete with stories and activities -
recommended for gr. 3,4,5.
P/I ISBN 1-55074-128-4

A TALE OF THE FOREST OF HAVELLA LAND: Canadian Forestry Association
A great forest based story that provides the reader with opportunities to choose
different endings throughout.
I ISBN 0-9694788-0-1

A TREE IN THE FOREST: Jan Thornhill - Greey de Pencier Books
A beautifully illustrated book that takes the tree and its surroundings through the
different seasons and a span of many years - format could be used to pursue other
literature/research projects, art activities, etc.
I ISBN 0-920775-64-0

A cute take off of a familiar fairytale. Lots of opportunity to discuss metaphors and similes, look at the components of fairytales, make comparisons with other similar storylines and to discuss conservation….what would happen if we didn’t cut any trees down? How would your life change? What would happen to the forest? You could then introduce the idea of managing our forests well so that the plants, animals and people can benefit. This book is aimed at ages 4-8 but as a materials to be studied, it fits 9-12 as well
P/I ISBN 0-698-11871-5
ISBN 0-399-23021-1 (G.P. Putnam’s Sons Edition

BOTANY FOR ALL AGES: Jorie Hunken and the New England Wild Flower Society
A terrific book full of activity ideas on many botanical topics.
I ISBN 1-56440-281-9

BRITISH COLUMBIA – It’s Land, Mineral and Water Resources: Sandy Frances Duncan Pacific Edge Publishing
This book would be a must for any teacher working on units on the resource industries of B.C. It covers many aspects of land, mineral and water resources – the ways we use them and the effects of resource use.
I ISBN 1-895110-38-6

CANADIAN TREES: Colleayn Mastin - Nature Canada Series - Grasshopper Books
A wonderful book of poetry - covers several indigenous species and is beautifully
illustrated - represents the balance between forestry for natural and commercial
purposes - highly recommended.
P/I ISBN 1-895910-22-5

CHRISTMAS ORIGAMI: Tree Ornaments, Heian International Inc.
Good to accompany a unit on paper making, paper uses – great ideas using a Xmas theme.
I ISBN 0-89346-280-2

Cool Woods: A Trip Around the World's Boreal Forest -Jane Drake & Ann Love
Tundra Books
ISBN: 0-88776-608-0
With beautiful paintings and sketches by Andrew Kiss, this book outlines the importance of the world's northern boreal forests and the living things that inhabit these vast tracts of forest wilderness along with native folk tales and stories from the past.

DENNIS AND THE FANTASTIC FOREST: Adrian Raeside - Doubleday Canada Ltd.
A fun primary or intermediate story written in poetic form about a friendly dragon
who saves the forest from his fire-breathing brothers. A good lead in to caring for
our forests and discussions on forest management.
P/I ISBN 0-385-25531-4

Hands on activities with literature links, reproducible games, mystery plants with clues and much more – this book is loaded with great ideas.
P/I ISBN 0-590-96372-4

Eye Know Tree- Penelope Arlon
Dorling Kindersley
New for 2006, this unique book will help middle elementary students to discover new facts about the wonders of the forest, how trees grow and the wood products that we use. It contains many lift-up flaps and fold out pages with interesting information and beautiful photographs.

Fire- The Renewal of a Forest -Celia Godkin
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2006)
ISBN: 1-55041-889-0
This beautifully-illustrated book portrays the forest life cycle, describing how, on a hot, dry day in summer, the forest ignites into an inferno and then the aftermath, as life gradually returns to the forest. Extra information on forest fires and the recovery of the forest after a fire can also be found following the story.

FOREST - DK EYE WONDER: Deborah Lock and Lorrie Mack - Dorling Kindersley Ltd.
ISBN: 0-7894-9759-X
Introduces facts about forests around the world and some of the changes through the seasons. Full of full-colour photographs and facts about trees and forests and the plants
and animals that populate them.

FOREST, Inside Guides: David Burnie. Firefly Books
Similar to the Eyewitness series, this book has excellent pictures and covers all parts and functions of the tree. It also includes information on forest dwellers.
I ISBN 1-55209-278-X

Forestry A-Z: Kathleen Cook Waldron & Ann Walsh
Orca Books (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-55143-504-6
A new BC-based hardcover forestry book for middle elementary students from two acclaimed Cariboo authors. This contains informative text and beautiful colour photos depicting BC forestry in a visually-appealing, alphabetiized format that will help students to learn about trees and modern forestry. Useful for both reading enjoyment and research.

FORESTRY: Jane Drake & Ann Love, Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto
A contemporary story about forestry in Canada. This book provides a great deal of information covering many aspects of forestry today - the process from seedling to finished product.
It also offers an excellent opportunity to discuss harvesting practices - the section on clearcutting and selective logging could be used as a lesson to determine whether the information is general, area specific, or opinion based. A good follow-up to this would be to invite a forester to the classroom to make a presentation on harvesting practices.
ISBN 1-55074-227-2

FUN WITH LEAVES AND STENCILS: Paul E. Kennedy, Dover Publishing Inc., New York
Recreate beauty of assorted leaves using stencils provided in this book – good activity for primary and lower intermediate.
P/I ISBN 0-486-26808

GET GROWING: Lois Walker, John Wiley & Sons
Lots of fun indoor growing projects for students. Also, ideas for crafts, recipes and songs.
P/I ISBN 0-471-54488-4

GLORY DAYS OF LOGGING: Ralph W. Andrews - Schiffer Publishing
Good reference book to be used in research projects on the history of logging - mid to
late intermediate.

Giants in the Land- Diana Appelbaum
Houghton Mifflin Company
A tale of the felling and transporting of the giant oak and white pine trees of New England in the 1700's, this book relates how these valuable trees were used for masts of British sailing ships, until the American Revolution ended British control of the Colonies. An interesting story to share about the history of these ancient forests.

GREEN FUN: Marianne Haug Gjersvik - Firefly Books
This book is about making playthings with leaves, flowers and weeds using your
hands only. A great idea book for activities to do on a walk, in art, or as lead-ins to
a Language Arts activity. A fun book for children of all ages.
P/I ISBN 1-55209-096-5

HANDS ON SCIENCE: PLANTS; Teacher Created Materials, Inc. USA
Another excellent reproducible activity book that covers plants - based on scientific
method and process skills - provides excellent information as well.
I ISBN 1-55734-224-5

HOW A BOOK IS MADE: Aliki - Harper Trophy
The story of bookmaking - done in a cartoon style format - could be used as an
independent activity for intermediate students.
I ISBN 0-06-446085-1

A Stevie Diamond mystery novel telling the story about two young children who spend some time at a tree planting camp with one of the fathers. This takes place in Northern B.C.
I ISBN 1-55074-172-1

HOW LEAVES CHANGE: Sylvia A. Johnson - Lerner Publications Company
ISBN: 0-8225-9513-3
The scientific changes to a tree’s leaves through the seasons, including the opening of the leaves in spring, the photosynthesis process, the colour changes in the autumn and the decaying leaves returning the nutrients to the soil.

I WONDER WHY: Trees Have Leaves- Andrew Charman - Kingfisher
ISBN: 0-7534-5094-1
Information and quirky facts to explain the answers to questions, from “Which forests grow in the sea?” to “Why do roots grow so long?” Beautiful illustrations and easy to read text. More plant information with some tree facts and questions. Hard or soft cover.

I WONDER WHY PONE TREES HAVE NEEDLES (and other questions about forests): Jackie Gaff - Kingfisher
ISBN: 0- 7534-5861-6
This book is new for 2005 in the I Wonder Why series and is more directly appropriate for forest education, answering all sort of questions about forests, from “Where is the biggest forest?” to “Which forests have the largest leaves?” Beautifully illustrated and filled with lots of forest facts and quirky details. Hard cover available.

JASON’S DUGOUT CANOE: Joe Barber-Starkey – Harbour Publishing
A young Nootka boy is taught the skill of canoe making by his grandfather, a skill “passed down to him from their ancestors for hundreds of years”.
Note: It is unlikely that the cedar tree would live once a block was cut out for the canoe
P/I ISBN 1-55017-229-8

LEARN ABOUT TREES: Peter Mellett - Lorenz Books
This is an excellent reference book for teachers or students covering a wide range
of tree topics and many practical activities for students - this book would be a "must"
for a unit on tree study.
I ISBN1-85967-313-9

LUMBERJACK: Story and paintings by William Kurelek - Tundra Books - Montreal
A wonderful book depicting the story of William Kurelek's years as a student working
in a lumbercamp (l940's and 50's) - provides great potential for a study on then and
now or as an art project.
I ISBN 0-88776-052-X

MATHEMATICS IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS: Zoe Rhydderch-Evans - Southgate
This book describes several math related activities to do in the school yard - some
of the ideas in this book would work well with a unit on forestry - could easily be adapted.
I ISBN 1-85741-021-1

Martin Mars - The Mighty Water Bomber: Suzan Coulson
ISBN: 978-0-9812987-1-9
A new children's book about BC's famed Martin Mars water bombers is hot off the presses, with highly-appealing illustrations by noted Canadian artist Dianne Bersea.  With few aviation books available for children, the author tells the story of these mighty aircraft, beginning with their role in the Second World War up to their current use in fighting wildfires around the world, using characters based on real life people, aircraft and equipment.

The book is available at Vancouver Island bookstores or from the Coulson Group Office in Port Alberni. To see excerpts from the story and its illustrations or to order online, go to: www.martinmars.com/books.htm#01

26 North American trees are examined with information being given on tree traits, wild companions, and interesting facts related to the tree. A good source for intermediate research assignments.
P/I 1-883220-93-9

MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN: Jean Craighead George - Puffin Books
Good for a novel study (received Hans Christian Andersen International Award) - the
story of a young boy who tires of life in a crowded New York city so runs away to the
wilderness to start a new life.....
I ISBN 0-14-034810-7

OUR ENVIRONMENT, Time Life Student Library – Time-Life Publishing
An excellent resource for students learning about the environment. Some sample topics: spheres of life, cycles of life, ecosystems, biodiversity, climate, forests (various types), mountains, deserts, pollution….Grades 4-7 but of interest at any age

Our Family Forest: BC's Woodlot Licence Program

PATHFINDER: Roger Wassell Smith - Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
A first guide to mapping - this pack contains a guidebook and activity book for
intermediate age students to learn about mapping and using a compass. A
variety of maps are explored from the past to the present day using images from
space. Also included - story map and glossary. Could be followed up by a visit
from a forester to present a hands-on compass activity.
I ISBN 0-7641-7045-7

PLANT BOOK: Pamela Hickman
A well illustrated book with information and activities on pollination,k starting with seeds, spreading seeds, what plants need to grow, 10 growith zones of Canada, provincial flowers, etc.
P/I ISBN 1-55074-331-7

PLANTS: David Alderton - Ladybird (Discovery)
A beginning biology book with excellent pictures. Includes a foldout cutaway tree
with labelled parts. Looks at the origin of plants, what is a plant, the world's
forests, life cycle, etc.
I ISBN – 0-7214-1819-8

PLANTS: Jo Ellen Moore & Joy Evans, Evan-Moore Educational Publishers
A great book about plants which grow from seeds. Addresses character, functions, life cycle, uses, etc. and includes a colored poster.
P/I ISBN 1-55799-091-3

PLANTS: Katharine Vanderlinden/Carol Gold
13 simple hands on experiments that children can complete on their own while learning about plant biology.
P/I ISBN 1-55074-395-3

PLANTS: Milliken
An excellent activity book with reproducible activities, graphs, etc. Covers monocots, dicots, seedlings, roots, trees, flowers, seeds, etc. Designed for gr. 4,5,6.

PLANTS: Pamela Hickman - Kids Can Press Ltd.
A beautifully illustrated book that teaches about plants in your neighbourhood as
well as plants found across Canada. This book contains plant facts as well as
experiments that can be completed at school or at home. A good book for upper
primary or early intermediate.

PLANT WISE: The Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Fascinating facts and amazing activities to make you plant wise - contains various
chapters covering such topics as: plant parts, investigating plants, trees, plants up
close, plants and you - great information and experiment activities.
I ISBN 1-55074-001-6

PRAIRIE WILLOW: Maxine Trottier - Stoddart Kids
A good story to use when studying early pioneers and immigrants to Canada. The
illustrations of the era are excellent. The story is of a pioneer family on the prairies
and how a young girl longs for a tree. The tree's survival symbolizes how life
continues through harsh times.
P/I ISBN 0-7737-2181-9

SEEDS AND SEEDLINGS: Terry Jennings, Oxford University Press
“This young scientist investigates” book includes excellent diagrams, information, project, and graphing ideas.
P/I ISBN 0-19-917040-1

THE ART OF EMILY CARR: Doris Shadbolt - Douglas & McIntyre
An account complete with photographs of the work of Emily Carr - could also be tied
into forestry (subject of many paintings - trees, totem poles).
I ISBN 0-88894-441-1

THE AMAZING PAPER BOOK: Paulette Bourgeois - Kids Can Press Ltd.
An excellent book that details paper development - why we need it - prior to modern
paper inventions - nature's papermakers - making paper - pioneer loggers - forestry
questions - paper mill tour and many more - good to use as a research book or as a
base for a long term forestry unit
I ISBN 0-921103-82-4

THE FOREST WHERE ASHLEY LIVES: Mark and Ashley Vitosh - Iowa State University Extension
ISBN: 0-9700528-0-4
The importance of trees in an urban setting, with tree facts and illustrations as told by Ashley as she describes her town and her father’s work.

THE KIDS CAMPFIRE BOOK: Jane Drake & Ann Love, Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto
This book is filled with ideas and activities that revolve around camping. Lots of good forestry connections – integrated potential.
P/I ISBN – 1-55074-275-2

The Logger's Alphabet- Terrianne Hawkings
Self- Published (2009)
From A-Z, this forest education book written by a Cariboo educator covers many aspects of forest harvesting, from skidders and excavators to reforestation and safety. Suitable for mid-elementary grades with great close-up photos of big machines sure to catch the students' interest.

The Stump Book- 1975 & Touch a Tree-1990
Pacific Educational Press- UBC
Teacher resource booklets developed by UBC's Education Faculty in conjunction with the Ministry of Forests and BC Forest Service. Lesson plans and activities around forest exploration and observation with teacher facts and background info on tree growth, rotting logs, forest creatures, wood properties, lumber manufacture, BC facts, etc.

The Tree Farmer - Chuck Leavell & Nicholas Cravotta
VSP Books, Inc. (2005)
ISBN 1-893622-16-9
This book takes readers on a journey through the forest, with a grandfather telling his grandson about the trees he grows on his farm, and the wonderful things they might become if they are harvested. As well, he shares his love for the forest and the importance of using the forest resource carefully and preserving it for the future. Beautifully-illustrated with silk paintings to enhance the text.

A wonderful Christmas story - lends itself to the story of trees in general - again, a
good link to literature could be made - early intermediate.
I ISBN 0-8037-0299X

THERE'S DIRT IN THE FOREST: Pacific Educational Press
A great resource book about soil and the forest - good for intermediate -
includes experiments.

A terrific book that illustrates the story of seeds - also includes practical activities for
students - good for early intermediate.
I ISBN 0-19-917049-5

THE VISUAL DICTIONARY OF PLANTS: Eyewitness Dictionary - Stoddart
An excellent reference book that explores an indepth look at a wide range of plants and their growing parts and characteristics - provides some good magnified
closeups of the internal makeup of plants as well.
I ISBN 0-7737-2563-6

THEY SOUGHT A NEW WORLD: Paintings and comments by William Kurelek - Tundra Books
This is the story of European immigration to North America - an historical account
accompanied by Kurelek's wonderful artistic impressions - could be used with a
forestry connection - use of the timber resource during that period.
I ISBN 0-88776-172-0

TIMBER! From Trees to Wood Products: William Jaspersohn-Little, Brown and Co.
This excellent book tells the story of how trees are turned into the materials that make up so many of the objects we see and use in our daily lives. It includes excellent pictures of todays harvesting machines and illustrates the process from tree cutting to mill processing - this includes the production of lumber, veneer, chips and pulp. A great starter book for teachers and students alike - the photographs and the information format make it a must for anyone teaching a unit on forestry. Grade appropriate: 2,3,4 (could perhaps used with gr. 5 as a research activity - read to discover and be prepared to present to the class the part in this book that tells about......).
I ISBN 0-88776-172-0

TREE: Eyewitness Books
An excellent reference book - information on all aspects of trees.
I ISBN 0-7737-2181-9

TREE ALMANAC: Monica Russo - Sterling Publishing
A year-round activity guide full of tree information - good diagrams and photos.
I ISBN 0-8069-1253-7

TREE BOOK: Learning to Recognize Trees of B.C. Available through the Canadian Forest Service
A super guide to tree ID - excellent photos, diagrams and information.
I ISBN 0-7726-2159-4

TREES: Andrea Liamas Ruiz
A loot at the “stages in development in the life of a tree?. Very well illustrated
P/I ISBN 0-8069-9327-8

TREES - Fandex Family Field Guides - North American Trees Identified by Leaf, Bark & Seed: Steven M.L. Aronson - Workman Publishing (in Canada - Thomas Allen & Son Limited
A unique fan style arrangement of 45 different North American trees - provides a
great idea for a student project involving local tree species identification.
I ISBN 0-76511-1204-9

TREES: Linda Gamlin
An Eyewitness Explorers Book – a pocket sized book packed with information and projects to help the studenjt learn about tree parts and their functions, tree ID, uses of wood, tree pests, etc.
I ISBN 0-7894-1679-4

TREES AND LEAVES: Creative Teaching Press
A totally integrated activity booklet with reproducibles – excellent for primary/lower intermediate..
P/I ISBN 30554-02411

TREES IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS: Rosemary Clark & Peter Walters - Southgate
An excellent book that outlines many projects for tree study - integrated ideas -
highly recommended.
I ISBN 1-885741-095-5

YOUR OWN BEST SECRET PLACE: Byrd Baylor/Peter Parnall - Scribner & Sons
A good story (teacher read) about a boy who had a secret hiding place in a tree
trunk - could be used to develop a creative writing project –primary/ early intermediate.
P/I ISBN 0-684-16111-7

Wacky Trees- D. M. Souza
Watts Library (Franklin Watts)
ISBN: 0-531-16426-X
This resource book first provides some background on the function of trees, followed by many facts about the unique trees to be found around the world, how man uses them for products and how they have adapted to survive in their sometimes harsh surroundings.

WOODSWALK: Henry Art and Michael Robbins - Storey Books
ISBN: 1-58017-452-3
The wonders of the forests revealed, from east to west, spring to winter, and all sorts of details on what you will see, hear and smell when you are exploring the woods. Filled with photographs and drawings and lots of forest facts!!

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Last updated: September 2007

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