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Expanding Our Roots

North Island Forest Professionals Promote 2010 Forest Capital of BC Events
Regional District of Mount Waddington
Lisa Brown, RPF
Practices Forester- Seaward (Tlasta) Business Area, BC Timber Sales

This past March, North Island forest professionals organized an “orienteering” learning event for local high school students.  The training sessions took place over three days and involved approximately 100 high school students, and ten forest professional volunteers.  After the students were taught the basics of orienteering, they were given a map and directions for a course marked in the field with flagging tape. 

Presenter instructs students on compass use before beginning orienteering course

Each station of the course included a letter, which at the end of the course spelled a word such as "CONE."  Once a group had finished a course and entered their course solution in the prize barrel, they had the option of going through additional courses, four in total.  Some of the groups took quite a while to complete one course, while others caught onto it very quickly and were able to complete two to three courses during the 2.5-hour session.

In April, to promote awareness of Earth Day, local forest professionals gave out individually wrapped seedlings (donated by local forest companies and BCTS) to each preschool and elementary student within the Regional District of Mount Waddington.  Approximately 1,200 students received the seedlings, along with an information sheet promoting the environmental benefits of trees, and BC’s sustainable forest practices.   This event was made possible by the efforts of 15 forest professional volunteers. 

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