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Expanding Our Roots

Wood Design Competition 2010

Wood WORKS! BC Media Release

Wood Design Competition

North Island College- "P.A.N.I.C. Attacks" Photo by Stephanie Tracey

Camosum College

Camosun College – "Holy Hand Grenades" Photo by Stephanie Tracey

Ten teams responded to the challenge of building their best wooden siege engine for the fourth annual Wood Design Competition on Saturday, March 27th, 2010.  Teams ranged in size from 2 – 10 members and were from five different schools throughout the province:  UBC, Okanagan College, North Island College, BCIT and Camosun College.  The schools represented the faculties of:  Wood Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Trades and Technology (Joinery/Cabinetmaking). 

Teams put their designs through a series of trials to determine which worked best in terms of precision, performance and length of shot.  While the longest distance shot does hold certain bragging rights, the qualifying and performance trials confirm whether a machine was built with a thorough understanding and application of the properties of wood.  Of the 10 teams, only seven made it through to the qualifying trials (where they had a limited time to hit targets at 20, 30 and 45 meters).  These seven then had 20 minutes of performance trials to hit as many targets of their choice to accumulate as many points as possible.  During this session, some of the teams had design problems, while others found their machines so powerful they destroyed the targets themselves.  The final trial gave all the teams an opportunity to vie for the prestigious “Longest Distance” shot of the day.

2010 Wood Design Competition Award Winners:

3rd Place Performance Trials, $100:  Trebulation, UBC
2nd Place Performance Trials, $300:  P.A.N.I.C. Attacks, North Island College
1st Place Performance Trials, $500:  Lignum Lightning, Okanagan College
3rd Place Qualifying Trials, $400:  Dr. Douglas Doom & Associates, BCIT
*2nd Place Qualifying Trials, $700:  Morning Wood, UBC
1st Place Qualifying Trials, $1000:  Holy Hand Grenades, Camosun College

*NOTE:  After the competition, a slight error was discovered in the competition day score calculations. Final score corrections were made for the affected team, resulting in Morning Wood (UBC) actually placing first by 2.33 points over Holy Hand Grenades (Camosun College).  The affected teams agreed to share the title of First Place Qualifying Trials. 

Many teams distinguished themselves by good sportsmanship, enthusiasm and creative effort.  After much deliberation, the judges choose Lignum Lightning (Okanagan College) as recipient of the Team Spirit plaque.  Dr. Doom & Associates (BCIT) edged out everyone with the longest official distance shot of 103 meters.

Wood WORKS! congratulates all of the teams who participated in the 2010 Wood Design Competition.  Through this unique and fun event, the students gained knowledge about wood as a sustainable construction product.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to this year’s prize sponsors for their generous support:  Certiwood (Canadian Plywood Assoc.), APEG BC and ASTTBC.

For more information on Wood WORKS! BC, go to: www.wood-works.org/BC+Wood+WORKS/

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