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Expanding Our Roots

The Boreal Research Institute 
Kate Wilson
Research Extension Coordinator
Boreal Research Institute
novaNAIT Centre for Applied Research

2008 Silvicultural Solutions Workshop

A partnership of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), industry and the governmnt of Alberta, the novaNAIT Boreal Research Institute is a champion for innovation and  sustainability in Alberta’s boreal forest. It contributes to the wise use of the boreal resources through applied research, knowledge exchange, educational opportunities, and corporate-community relations.

Located in the boreal forest region of the province, in Peace River, the Institute has had a strong presence in northwestern Alberta since its inception in 1996, when it was an industry-lead, grass-roots forest research centre.

Over the past two decades, the Institute has seen several milestone events to bring it to where it is today – including an expansion with six new partners in 2001, and a new name in late 2009. The Institute continues to act as a solution provider for forest-related issues, and as a bridge for industry’s relations with communities, Aboriginal organizations, students and educational institutions.

In 2008, the Institute initiated its Boreal Reclamation Program. This applied research program is designed to test the best methods to bring the thousands of well sites in Alberta’s boreal forest back to the original forest cover. A major component of the Boreal Reclamation Program is to examine opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and Aboriginal enterprises in Alberta’s green zone – anything from nursery products and seed collection to reclamation data management. The Boreal Reclamation Program is now in its second year.

The Boreal Research Institute also provides technology transfer for the world class research project known as EMEND (Ecosystem Management Emulating Natural Disturbance), and administrative services for Alberta Forest Extension Network (AFEX) and the Weberville Community Forest, a community woodlot program near Peace River.

To learn more about the novaNAIT Boreal Research Institute and its projects, go to: www.nait.ca/47691.htm

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