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Expanding Our Roots

Mackenzie Forest Education Society
Excerpted from the Boreal Research Institute Website (www.nait.ca/47959.htm)

The Mackenzie Forest Education Society is a trailblazer – a pathfinder. In Alberta, indeed, in Canada, it is the first rural-based Forest Education Society.

The Forest Education Society was established in 1990 as part of the Provincial Forest Capital Legacy Project, founded by the Alberta Forest Service (now Sustainable Resource Development) with the support of the Town of Peace River. It was designed to meet an identified need to provide the public, particularly youth, with a balanced and unbiased medium for forestry and resource-based information.

Since 1990, the seeds of similar non-profit volunteer-based organizations promoting forestry-related education and public awareness across the country have grown into a valuable educational resource.

Thanks to Sustainable Resource Development and forward-thinking founders Tom Baldwin, Gary Friedel, Mike Procter and Carl Leary, Alberta Forest Service staff developed the idea to fill what was a real void in forest and resource education. In doing so, the founders, under Tom Baldwin’s leadership and with the help of their supporters, developed an unmistakable connection between forestry and the community.

The Mackenzie Forest Education Society is comprised of community members, forest practitioners and employees from local government agencies and the forest industry. Its programs promote forestry-related education to students, providing them with insight into a wide range of subjects, such as forests, wildlife, vegetation and the natural environment.

In-class presentations, field tours, tree planting parties, book donations and educational resource materials are but a few examples of exciting tools used by the Mackenzie Forest Education Society to stimulate children and adults alike about our forests.

For more information, visit the Mackenzie Forest Education Society website at: www.mackenzieforested.com.

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