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Forest Education Resources

Learn Forestry Website New Additions

  • "CLEM", a DVD that is part of the Gr. 5 Teaching Kit, "Our Living Resource, The Forest", is now up on the Learn Forestry website.
  • This year's lesson for 2008 Forestry Week presentations, "The Fire Story, An Unpredictable Truth", will soon be up on the website for downloading, along with past Forestry Week lessons and resources.       

Feature Books

The Charcoal Forest- How Fire Helps Animals & Plants by Beth A. Peluso

         Mountain Press Publishing Company (2007)
         ISBN: 978-087842532-7

A detailed and informative resource on the effects of fire as a natural part of the forest ecosystem, looking at the species that benefit from and depend on fire, adaptations to fire, the changing landscape after fire & the long-term effects of regular low-intensity fires or catastrophic stand-replacing fires that are part of the forest cycle. 

Forestry A-Z by Kathleen Cook and Ann Walsh      

Orca Books (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-55143-504-6
A new book for 2008 about BC's forest industry, written by two acclaimed Cariboo authors. This alphabetized book contains beautiful photos and text in a visually appealing format that will help students to learn about trees and modern forestry. It should be a wonderful source for elementary students, providing an interesting source both for reading and research.
Middle Primary/Intermediate

Forestry Resources for Teachers

New 2008 Teaching Kit - Canadian Forestry Association

A new teaching resource will be available this fall from the Canadian Forestry Association on the topic of Biodiversity. Past teaching kit booklets have included such topics as Climate Change, Water, Species at Risk and the Boreal Forest and are available in a CD compilation format. To download individual kit lessons or to order a copy of the CD or the new teaching package, go to: www.canadianforestry.com

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