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Cariboo Zone

Cariboo Forest Education Highlights

(With thanks to the 100 Mile Free Press for excerpted text)
Al Menduk (Zone Forest Educator)

Tours of the PSO Woodlot's Forest Education Trail

The PSO Woodlot was granted to Peter Skene Ogden Senior Secondary School in the late 1990's. It is located beyond Exeter, at the turnoff to the 800 Road, just past Little Bridge Creek in the 100 Mile House region of the Cariboo. 

Many tours to the Doug McLeod Forest Education Trail in the woodlot have been made by student classes, where they are guided by Cariboo forest educator, Al Menduk, a retired math and physics teacher, as he educates students about biodiversity, ecology and the forest industry.

Preparing for a recent tour with a Grade 4 class, Al put on his bright reflective vest and said to the class, "On the trail I want to be first, that way if something jumps out of the bush, it'll get me first!! Then the students were off to learn about the trees and the wildlife in the area, as well as the disastrous effects of the tiny mountain pine beetle, where they saw the dripping sap on the bark of infected trees, a sign of their efforts to protect themselves. With many trees not surviving the onslaught, the woodlot has lost over $25,000 to beetle kill so far.

Following the trail for another half kilometer, the students stopped to examine old animal traps and to identify animal prints, before they wound down a steep path to reach the end of their trek at Little Bridge Creek Falls- a fitting end to an enjoyable outdoor education experience and another successful tour of the woodlot's forest education trail with their informative guide!!   

Forest educator, Al Menduk, poses
with a Grade 5 class from 100 Mile
Elementary following the
completion of their forestry unit.

Mile 108 Principal, Tom Turner,
demonstrates the increment borer
to grade 3’s.


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