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Expanding Our Roots

WoodWORKS Second Annual Gala Held in Vancouver

Mary Tracey- Executive Director, WoodWORKS! BC

Winner of the Recreational Design Award at the Gala- the Squamish Adventure Center

Wood WORKS! BC - an initiative of the Canadian Wood Council, whose mandate is to promote the use of wood and wood products in non-residential construction, held their second annual awards event in March at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.

"The Gala brought together the wood products manufacturer and the design and building community to celebrate excellence in wood design," said Mary Tracey , Wood WORKS! BC Director. Guests represented academia, industry associations, sawmill equipment engineering firms, municipalities and the provincial government of British Columbia.

Honours were awarded in eleven categories for design and construction projects, as well as leaders in respective fields who have done their part in promoting a wood culture in BC.

Interior view of the Squamish Adventure Center

Industry Leader Award:

Ross Gorman, of Gorman Bros. Lumber, was honoured with the Industry Leader Award, which acknowledges contributions made to the expansion and future growth of the wood industry in British Columbia. This award honours an individual or company that stands out as an advocate for wood and helps BC realize more benefits from its wood production.

Ross got his start in the wood products industry 55 years ago when he and his brother started resawing lumber to make fruit boxes for the orchard industry. From there, they moved to manufacturing high quality boards that are now shipped around the world.

Ross Gorman has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of wood markets, the use of Canadian wood products and fostering a wood culture in BC. In fact, his company's newly constructed office is an outstanding example of the beauty and utility of wood in non-residential construction.

In 1997, Gorman was recognized for a lifetime of industry leadership in the development and promotion of Canadian wood products, and was the recipient of the Canadian Wood Council's Paul Bunyan Award.

"The Gala is a unique event in British Columbia as it brings together the wood products manufacturer and the design and building community to celebrate excellence in wood design," said Mary Tracey, BC Wood WORKS!Director.

"The forest and wood products industry is the economic driver of British Columbia and it is important to understand how using BC wood in our own province strengthens the entire province's economy. Whether we are working in the forests or in a city office, the economy of our province is integrally tied in to the wood products industry."

Ross Gorman was nominated for the award by the Council of Forest Industries.


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