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Okanagan/Shuswap Highlights
Debbie Sluggett, Kalon Nahachewsky (Educational Liaisons)
Debbie Bazett (Forest Education Coordinator, COFI - Southern Operations)

C.L.E.M. - A Journey into BC's Logging Industry

Whew! This very large project is completed. Every elementary school in BC has or will soon receive our latest DVD and lesson plan. (most schools in Southern BC are receiving it as part of an updated Grade 5 forestry teaching kit, with some workshops still to be given.) The feedback has been wonderful! Needless to say, we are thrilled.

In case you missed the last newsletter, C.L.E.M. stands for Computer Logging Education Module. The video shows all aspects of logging including reforestation. The close-up footage of high-tech logging equipment in action is incredible. Students who would normally never have a chance to view active logging can now watch and learn about the science of forestry. The lesson plan is going up on our website (www.learnforestry.com) under "Lesson Plans, Grade 5 Kit". It is in the Careers and Technology section. We hope, sometime in the future, to be able to put the DVD up as well.


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