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Thompson Forest Education Highlights

Susan Bondar (Forest Educator)

Forestry Week 2009 School Presentationswatershed diagram

"Our Watersheds" was the topic for the Spring Forestry Presentations this year.

Thirty forestry personnel presented the lesson in Kamloops/Thompson School District and also Merritt and Princeton to 3,800 students and teachers.  Students are already well- versed in their knowledge of water, water quality and water consumption, so watersheds were a great topic to add to their base knowledge.  The students learned about the amount of usable fresh water on the Earth’s surface, sources of water in a watershed and how nature looks after water quality.  The students were then able to brainstorm on ideas of how they can affect water quality in positive and negative ways.  Many thanks for the support from the forest industry in providing forestry personnel for delivering the lessons to students and teachers!! 

(ED. NOTE: The Forestry Week 2009 Watershed lesson was developed as a joint project by Thompson, Okanagan/Columbia and COFI forest educators and will be available on the Learn Forestry website for teachers to access. A new watershed poster developed by COFI South Forest Education as a visual resource to accompany the lesson will also be available on the Learn Forestry site at www.learnforestry.com under "Lesson Plans- Forestry Week". )


ILA Forest Education Van Tours Gold Trail District

Forest Educator, Susan Bondar, speaks to students in the forest education van.

The Interior Logging Association (ILA) Forest Education Van was used in the Gold Trail District this May for a tour of all the Elementary Schools.  The communities in Gold Trail include Clinton, Cache Creek, Lillooet, Lytton and Ashcroft.  Josh Craig is the summer forestry student driver of the Van this year and really enjoyed the trip through the Fraser Canyon and Lillooet area.  The Fraser River was quite turbulent, the scenery was spectacular and so was the road between Lillooet and Lytton.  It was quite an experience to drive the Van through the area of highway that is sloughing into the Fraser River and most of the rocks come from above the highway…..not a fun experience.  Josh sure enjoyed the adventure though.

It was so great to share the Forest Education Van with the students in Gold Trail.  These are young people who live in small communities and who are still very much in touch with the forests and nature.  Many students are First Nations and enjoyedsharing their personal stories with us.  A young boy spoke about hunting with his Grandpa and rubbing down with cedar boughs before they hunt to camouflage their scent from the animals.  Another student shared a story about the juniper bush and its ‘job’ as the hider of the meat.  He said after they get a deer, they will tuck it under the juniper bush until they are ready to transport it back home.  The smell of the juniper camouflages the smell of the dead animal.  There were many other stories of medicines, making baskets and eating sap from certain trees.  We are so lucky to have met students whose lives are so connected to the forests.

See a video clip of the forest education van presentation in the Gold Trail district on Cayoosh Elementary's website video list. Highlight, "Discover the Forestry Van" at the link: www.cayooshkidz.net/videos.html

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