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Expanding Our Roots

Canadian Women in Timber Celebrate Twenty Years in BC!!
(CWIT website reprint)

Canadian Women in Timber began in 1989 and is truly a grassroots organization.  Members are all volunteers and are committed to making a positive difference. Most members have a connection to the forest industry and are the first to experience the social and economic consequences of forest land use.

CWIT support educational activities to enhance the public’s understanding of BC’s forest resources and sustainable management.  Their aim is to foster an interest and a passion for the natural science of forestry; management and operations/harvesting. 

Since their inception in 1989, they have provided the public with a balanced view of forest land use issues.  They work with allies and partners, such as industry associations, forest and wood companies and educational institutions. 

The CWIT created Forest Awareness Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in October, to generate public awareness of the sector. Some branches have created programs for classroom presentations and provide bursaries to students to further their education in forest-related programs or forest industry training.

Many teachers who work with young people know very little about forestry and how the science of the forest could fit into their curriculum.  The CWIT branches work in local communities to build this awareness, and coach teachers in how they might modify or adapt their class work accordingly.

The Canadian Women in Timber celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, with their AGM to be held on October 15 & 16 in Vernon at the Predator Ridge Resort.  A wine and cheese reception will take place on Thursday evening, with the AGM on Friday, followed by a luncheon. A panel discussion, with moderator, Mike Apsey, will be featured on the future of the forest industry.

For more information about the AGM event, see www.canadianwomenintimber.com

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