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Expanding Our Roots

What is the BC Festival of Forestry?
(reprinted from the BC Festival of Forestry website)

BC Festival of ForestryThe BC Festival of Forestry is a non-profit organization committed to providing quality professional development experiences for school teachers.

They run tours twice a year, taking 20 Lower Mainland and Victoria area teachers to rural communities in BC.  The tours provide an interactive learning experience to enhance teachers’ understanding of the complexities of sustainable forest management issues, and methods to integrate information into their classes. 

Teachers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a resource-based community and interact with the people most connected to resource issues.  Tours include hikes in various forest ecosystems, visits to active forest management areas, protected areas, and tours of processing facilities.  They may also include mini-courses on tree identification, wildlife habitat issues, water quality and other riparian considerations in forest management, soil characteristics, ecosystem management, conservation and preservation of sensitive and special areas of the forest, as well as the social and economic values we gain from the forest. Presenters on each tour represent a wide range of interest areas, providing a clear balance of perspectives. 

In March, the most recent tour saw a group of teachers travelling to the Sunshine Coast, sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest. There they learned to identify trees, were shown different soil characteristics and heard about wildlife habitat, water quality issues, ecosystem management, conservation and preservation of vulnerable areas and the social and economic values gained through forestry.

To find out more about the Festival of Forestry and its next Teacher Tour, go to:www.festivalofforestry.org

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