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New on the Learn Forestry Website

  • 2009 Forestry Week Lesson (Elementary Level) "The Importance of our Community Watersheds" (See this lesson and the complete catalogue of Forestry Week lessons and resources under the section "Lesson plans > Forestry Week".)
  • New Poster Resource!!  A new "Watershed" poster was developed by COFI South Forest Education last spring to accompany the 2009 Forestry Week Watershed lesson above. (To access a pdf copy, go to "Lesson Plans > Forestry Week" )

Feature Books:

  • The Logger's Alphabet
    Terrianne Hawkings (2009)

    From A-Z, this BC forest education book covers many aspects of forest harvesting, from skidders and excavators to reforestation and safety. Written by a teacher and member of a family-owned contracting operation in the Kamloops Forest District, the book is suitable for mid-elementary grades, with great close-up photos of big machines sure to catch the students' interest.

    Copies of The Logger's Alphabet were distributed last spring to all BC Southern Interior elementary school libraries, courtesy of the Council of Forest Industries (Southern Operations) Forest Education.

    For further information or to purchase copies of this book, contact Terrianne Hawkings at: [email protected]
  • Forest Life: British Columbia Woodlots
    ISBN: 978-0-9812657-0-4
    Federation of BC Woodlot Associations

    This newly-published coffee table book from the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations showcases and celebrates BC’s woodlots and woodlot licensees and the families who diligently manage them. Through beautiful photos and few words, this book captures the seasonal beauty of coastal and interior woodlots and portrays the landscapes and diversity of our forests, as well as the stewardship evident on BC woodlots. 

    Orders can be made on the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations website at:  www.woodlot.bc.ca
  • Martin Mars - The Mighty Water Bomber
    ISBN: 978-0-9812987-1-9
    Suzan Coulson

    A new children's book about BC's famed Martin Mars water bombers is hot off the presses, with highly-appealing illustrations by noted Canadian artist Dianne Bersea.  With few aviation books available for children, the author tells the story of these mighty aircraft, beginning with their role in the Second World War up to their current use in fighting wildfires around the world, using characters based on real life people, aircraft and equipment.

    The book is available at Vancouver Island bookstores or from the Coulson Group Office in Port Alberni. To see excerpts from the story and its illustrations or to order online, go to: www.martinmars.com/books.htm#01

Teacher Resources:

  • Climate Change Resource Binders: Two resource kits, "Climate Change and our Forests" for elementary teachers and "Climate Change- Our Forests, Our Future" for secondary students were developed by the Council of Forest Industries, in partnership with Forest Innovation Investment, and have been distributed to BC schools through the fall.  The kits provide teachers with new tools to help students learn about the impact of climate change on our environment and how our forests and its wood products are vital to mitigating those effects.  Each resource kit includes lesson plans, narrated PowerPoint, teacher background information and activities where students can calculate the carbon footprint of their school and home, discuss the benefits of building with wood, design their own climate change machine and learn how they can personally take action to tackle climate change.
  • NEW!!! Forestry Fact Booklets
    Canadian Women in Timber

    Join Splinter in his latest education booklet as he tests forest IQ and helps students learn new things about the forest. Illustrated with appealing artwork, the CWIT's Forestry Fact booklet provides a fun way to teach children about the science and ecology of BC forests. Booklets are available through the CWIT website and are suitable for mid-elementary ages.

    To find out more about the Forestry Fact booklets or to view other forest education resources, go to: www.canadianwomenintimber.com

Teacher & Student Web Links:
  • Learn Forestry Website Forest Education lessons, links & resource materials, videos, bibliographies, teacher kits and more.
  • Council of Forest Industries Forest Education This newly- updated forest education website provides info on forestry terms and facts, careers, virtual tours and resources, etc. Find out what presentations and materials are available from BC's Northern Interior forest educator, if you teach in that region!!
  • The BC Forestry Climate Change Working Group site provides information on what climate change is, on healthy forests and carbon and how wood products help, bioenergy, etc. and has a five minute video, "Tackle Climate Change, Use Wood", that can be viewed.
  • Forest Innovation Investment's "Naturally Wood" site features sections on BC's sustainable forest management, wood products, tree species, fact pages and a section on Climate Change and BC Forests and Forest products. 
  • This Council on Forestry Promotion and Improvement site (Eastern Canada) outlines the many career opportunities in forestry. Includes forest professional videos, forestry facts and product info, a career search feature on forest sector opportunities and an entertaining forest professionals' video under "Tree TV".   
  • This Virtual Museum Site focuses on early logging in B.C., including historical photographs of logging camps, workers and communities, interview clips with loggers and retired foresters and an interactive walk through the buildings of an old logging camp. 
  • The Royal BC Museum "Time Machine" covers BC history topics, such as technology, transportation, the Gold Rush and community development. Click on BC Resource Development- Forestry to read about the history of BC's forest industry, along with the history of other resources such as mining, fishing and agriculture.
  • The Finnish forest company, UPM, showcases a virtual interactive tour of a forest on their forest education site, focusing on harvesting, reforestation, forest health and many other aspects of forest management. 
  • US Arbour Day Foundation- Check out "Trees Make a Difference- Life of a Tree", which shows an animation of the inside of the tree with all its layers. Or try "Kids Make a Difference- Benefits of Trees- Tree Guide- Anatomy of a Tree or Layers of the Forest".


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