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Expanding Our Roots

Evans Lake Forest Education Society Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Evans Lake Forest Education Society Celebrates 50th Anniversary On June 27th, 2010 Evans Lake will be celebrating its 50th year as a forest education centre and we want you to come celebrate with us!  Our camp, located in Paradise Valley just north of Squamish, is the perfect location for visitors to immerse themselves in the interface of the coastal forest and a tranquil lakeside.  Since being founded 50 years ago by the Junior Forest Wardens, Evans Lake has seen generations of visitors through our summer camps and school & community groups who participate in hands-on courses that make connections between our forests, soils, water, wildlife and lifestyle choices. 

Evans Lake Forest Education Society, a non-profit charity, invites you to come share a day with experiencing our courses, enjoying a BBQ, cooling off in the lake and helping expand our community of people promoting forest and environmental education. 

More information about our 50th Anniversary can be found at www.evanslake.com
Come Explore the Forest!!


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