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Expanding Our Roots

Foresters Promote Career Choices at North Island Careers Expo

Submitted by Jill Werk, RPF
Stewardship Forester - Ministry of Forests & Range
Campbell River Forest District

On November 19th, 2009 Fred Baiocco, Brendan Brabender and Jill Werk attended the North Island Careers Expo as exhibitors for the Ministry of Forests and Range and BCTS.  The Expo was organized by the North Island Employment Foundations Society (NIEFS) and was held at the Robron Centre in Campbell River where more than 40 exhibitors showcased their businesses. 

In addition to the general public, bus loads of high school students were among the 730 people who attended the event and asked forest professionals Fred, Brendan, and Jill many questions.  These forest professionals had an interactive display that included a stereoscope with photos, an increment bore sample, free “grow your own tree” kits, a stream sample with live macroinvertebrates, a display of forestry tools of the trade (GPS unit, range finder, plot cord, tree planting shovel, cruise vest, compass, clinometer, hip chain, etc.), various pamphlets of information on how to become a forest professional (thanks to a shipment of materials from the ABCFP), and some examples of  modes of field transportation (snowshoes and a dirt bike!). 

The BC Government is currently in a hiring “freeze”, so Fred, Brendan, and Jill weren’t advertising jobs or receiving resumes.  The main reason they attended the event was to promote forestry as a career by encouraging students to pursue post-secondary options for natural resources/forest management.  Hopefully the seeds they planted in the minds of these students will contribute to the future recruitment of people for the management of our forest resources down the road.


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