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Expanding Our Roots

"Go Forestry!"- A New Canadian Career Site is Launched

The new "Go Forestry!" career website is an exciting, interactive site aimed at students and career counselors. It was launched in New Brunswick during the 2009 National Forest Week this past September and drew visitors from 35 countries in the first four weeks that it was active.

The website is an initiative of the Council on Forest Promotion and Recruitment, formed in 2007 to find ways to address the increasingly pressing need for forestry professionals. The New Brunswick Forest Products Association spearheaded the council's formation, made up of 13 forestry-related organizations, including Sussex-based Fundy Model Forest.

The skills shortage is fueled by the large number of baby boomers who are retiring, compounded by the large number of young people leaving the province to work elsewhere, explained Mark Arsenault, president and CEO of the Forest Products Association.

"Go Forestry!" provides detailed information in both French and English on forestry-related careers, along with information on scholarships and where to find the necessary training and education. It enables students to match their individual interests, such as protecting the environment, research, life sciences, wildlife, computer and business and others to corresponding forestry careers.

Ed. Note:

An entertaining promotional video featuring forest professionals can be viewed on the website under "Tree TV "or "Want More" Videos", along with video clips of forest professionals discussing what they value about their job at www.goforestry.ca.


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