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Expanding Our Roots

Wood WORKS! 2009 BC Catapult Competition (Linda Shauer - Wood Works!!)
The third annual Wood Catapult Competition will take place at the UBC Campus in Vancouver on March 28, 2008, at the Whit-Matthews sports field.

The purpose of the Wood Catapult Competition is to challenge registered college & university students to design and build a wood siege engine capable of accurately hitting targets at 20, 30 and 50 meters using a cement ball.  Teams consisting of students and one faculty member submit a short report prior to the competition about their design. On the morning of the competition, each team will be required to give a fifteen-minute presentation to the judges, after their weigh-in and set up. In the afternoon, timed performance trials and distance trials will determine the winners and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams ($1500, $1000 and $500 respectively) as well as prizes for Best Presentation, Maximum Distance and Aesthetics/Spirit. 

Last March, ten university and college teams from BC competed in the event.  For some of the teams, the competition was integrated into their classroom curriculum, but for others, it was a labour of love done in their spare time. The competition attracted the attention of print and TV media as well as the general public.  The competition’s growing popularity has also brought forward sponsors willing to fund the cash prizes for the top three teams overall. We invite all interested parties to bring their lawn chairs (and umbrellas), as well as enthusiasm, to cheer on their favourite teams during the performance trials this year at UBC on March 28.

Thank you to our continuing prize sponsors- ASTTBC and APEGBC. For further details about this event, visit www.wood-works.ca.


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