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Expanding Our Roots

Canada's Forests: Biodiversity in a Changing World (Volume 9)
Canadian Forestry Association

Canada’s National Forest Week theme for 2009 is "Canada's Forests: Biodiversity in a Changing World".  Biodiversity has at its root the words bio - ‘life’ in Latin - and ‘diverse,’ which means ‘consisting of different things’ or ‘differing in some way from one another.’ Biodiversity can therefore be defined as the variety of life on Earth - from invisible microbes to giant whales.

The importance of biodiversity cannot be underestimated. A myriad of species on our planet contribute to life-sustaining processes, are used as foods and sources of medicines, play an important role in cultural practices and recreational pursuits, may help us mitigate the effects of climate change and much more.

In honour of this theme, the newest volume in the Canada’s Forests Teaching Kit series explores the importance of biodiversity in Canada’s forest and wetland areas - the critical significance of Canada’s habitat to all living things, and the vital connections between biodiversity, natural resources and our modern lifestyles.

Teaching Kit 9, Canada’s Forests: Biodiversity in a Changing World focuses attention on the varied and wondrous species that inhabit Canada’s forests in terms of their inherent natural value and their relation to people’s health, income, traditions, cultures, recreational pursuits and more.

For more information about other Canadian Forestry Association Teaching Kits or to obtain a copy or download lesson materials, see:

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