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Expanding Our Roots

New Secondary Sustainable Resources 11/12 Program Now Complete

The final version of the new Integrated Resource Package (IRP) for Sustainable Resources 11/12 is now an official Ministry of Education program as of September 2008.

Sustainable Resources 11/12 has been designed to enable students:

  1. to understand the importance of sustainability and conservation,
  2. to develop environmental responsibility and stewardship,
  3. to appreciate the importance of BC resources and their uses in our society,
  4. to investigate career opportunities in resource industries and related services,
  5. to become aware of Aboriginal perspectives,
  6. to understand resource industries roles and responsibilities,
  7. to research resource related technologies and innovations, and
  8. to recognize economic and political influences and impacts on resource sectors.

The Grade 11 course is a survey course combining Forestry, Agriculture, Fisheries, Mining, and Energy components. At the Grade 12 level, there are four resource- specific courses: Forestry, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Mining. Any one of these five components will satisfy the grade 11-12 Graduation Program Science requirement.

To view the curriculum summary for Sustainable Resources 11/12, scroll to the bottom of the Science IRP listing at the following link: www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp/irp_sci.htm

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