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Cariboo Forest Education Highlights

Al Menduk (Forest Educator)

Cariboo forest educator, Al Menduk, was kept busy with forest education events and activities and resource development in the fall,  including teaching and Professional Development for the Grade 5 forestry program at Glendale Elementary in Williams Lake and delivering a special Forestry program at Eliza Archie Elementary School at Canim Lake, covering Grades 3 to 7.

A young student proudly shows off her finished mobile after hearing the Native legend telling why geese fly in a V, during a visit by local Cariboo forest educator, Al Menduk, to Eliza Archie Memorial School.

The class at Eliza Archie Memorial School display their mobiles.

A field tour event saw three Grade 10 science classes and their teachers from PSO Secondary visit the Peter Skene Ogden Woodlot to as part of their research on various types of ecosystems, a topic covered in their science curriculum. In these photos, they investigate plants found in a wet, swampy environment.

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