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Forestry Resources for Teachers:

    "Gypo Logging- The Board Game": Somewhat similar to Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly, but with content unique to the forest industry. Stops along the board include land use issues, daily mishaps, ministry regulations, stumpage and many other harvesting challenges, as the players travel around the board using action cards. To find out more or to order a game, see www.gypologging.com


    Canada's Boreal ForestNew Boreal 2007 Teaching Kit - Canadian Forestry Association- Teaching booklet #8 is now available with the second volume examining the Boreal Forest and is accompanied by two beautiful posters on Forest Communities Across Canada and Birds of the Boreal Forest . Past teaching kit booklets have included such topics as Climate Change, Water, Species at Risk, the Boreal Forest and Biodiversity and are now available in a CD compilation format. See the CFA site to download individual lessons from the kits or to order a copy of the CD or the new teaching package: www.canadianforestry.com


    New for the Fall- Waterscape Poster (teacher's guide available). An educational resource about the Okanagan Valley on climate change, urban water use, agricultural water use, groundwater, and ecological water needs, to name a few. Developed by Environment Canada and the Geological Survey of Canada. The Teacher Resource Guide for the poster is available in PDF, separated by various modules at the website link and the poster can be downloaded or ordered.


    BC MoFMountain Pine Beetle maps (2000-2006) To download from pdf:


New MPB poster available from NRC and the Alberta Government. To view:

To put in an order (max. 2/ free of charge), go to:
Fill in top line- Mountain Pine Beetle Poster, the year (2007) and the Media (Other).


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