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Successful Forests 11/12 Classes at Prince Charles Secondary (Creston, BC) 
Lois Huscroft - Teacher

The Forests 11/12 class at Prince Charles Secondary School in Creston BC has become a very popular senior science class. The course was first implemented in the high school nine years ago. With an emphasis on the local forestry context and local ecosystems, the course includes many field trips to give students a first hand look at what is happening in our area.

Most popular with many students is the opportunity to participate in the S 100 Fire Suppression course.  This is a two day course which includes one day in the class and one day in the forest, with first hand experience building fire lines, using water pumps and delivery hoses, and basic fire suppression methods.  Students receive a valid fire fighting certificate that enable them to work on fire fighting crews within the province.

fire suppression class
Forests 11/12 students participate
in fire suppression class.
Students learn everything that is involved in the forest industry, from ecological principles, silviculture to stand tending and harvesting. The local mill operations are valuable resources for informative field trips. The Creston Community Forest is keen to have the students learn some of the important ideas incorporated in the community forest. Students in the Outdoor Education component at the high school have actually participated in logging activities with the community forest. 1
Students from Prince Charles Secondary
Forests 11/12 class in the Creston
Community Forest.
Plant and tree identification of local species is part of the curriculum, as well as bird and animal populations. The Conservation Officers visit the classroom with information about their field of work, and always bring interesting artifacts, such as hides, skulls and antlers as well as very interesting stories! We have also had many science researchers come and talk to the students….grizzly bears, leopard frogs, and bats.

We have taken many field trips around the valley with local foresters, forest technicians, and entomologists, helping the students understand what is happening in our forests, and how they are being managed. The active logging sites are always a big hit!

The local owner of a silvicultural company has come to talk to the students about tree planting, brushing and fire fighting in our area.

Several classes have also assisted the CVWMA, a wetlands area, with the removal of yellow flag iris, an invasive species.

There are so many interesting concepts to learn about regarding the local forest industry, and the businesses here in Creston have been very generous with their time and efforts to help accommodate the students during class time.  The real hands-on activities have made this course a huge success.

class arrow

A field trip to Wynndel Box & Lumber.


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