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Expanding Our Roots
Update on BCIT Forestry Programs
Since the announcement in February 2007 of the suspension of the Forestry programs at BCIT, staff and industry volunteers have been working hard to produce a proposal for new forestry programming. We are in the final stages of developing the proposal and expect to submit it to our Education Council in February, 2008.  We are quite excited about the new concept we are developing for forestry, as we feel it will have greater appeal to both industry employers and potential students than our past programs.  We plan to feature a one year Certificate of Technology, leading to a choice of three Diploma of Technology options. While we cannot confirm a start date until the programs are approved, it is our plan to bring in the first group of students in September 2008. 

Meanwhile I like to remind everyone that our existing program is still running until May, 2009. We have a fantastic class of 20 students in their final term of our Forest Ecosystem Technology program, eager to finish and get out working. Also, because of our transfer program, we have a first year class of 10 students who will graduate in May 2009. 

Stay tuned for more information or contact me anytime. 
Peter Barss, BCIT, [email protected]

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