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Okanagan-Columbia Highlights
Debbie Sluggett, Kalon Nahachewsky (Educational Liaisons working for Okanagan-Columbia Companies)
Debbie Bazett ( Forest Education Coordinator, COFI - Southern Operations)

Under Construction: Resource Science 11/12

Debbie Sluggett had a chance to take part in Ministry of Education discussions regarding the new Resource Science 11/12 course that is being developed.  She went off to the Vancouver meeting with a number of suggestions made by local science teachers and was able to share these ideas in the working-discussion sessions. 

There will soon be a survey going up on the Ministry of Education site which educators will be asked to complete.  The course will include components for: Forestry, Mining & Energy, Fisheries, and Agriculture.  Please watch for the survey and take part.  Your thoughts are important to creating a successful curriculum.


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