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Okanagan-Columbia Highlights
Debbie Sluggett, Kalon Nahachewsky (Educational Liaisons working for Okanagan-Columbia Companies)
Debbie Bazett ( Forest Education Coordinator, COFI - Southern Operations)

National Forest Week 2007

Forest Educators in many parts of BC’s Southern Interior have chosen to continue celebrating National Forest Week in the spring, despite the move by the CFA to September.  Our event is simply too large to organize and offer during the first few weeks of September when school is only just back in session and teachers are trying to organize their classes and routines.  The spring presentations are often used by teachers as the introduction to their spring curriculum and outdoor activities.  The Thompson and Okanagan-Columbia educators will once again prepare a 40 minute presentation, along with resources, that our “forestry personnel” can take into elementary classrooms.  With sustainability being a “key phrase” today, we will recycle a presentation on forest management developed in 2002 by Debbie Sluggett and Jeannie Steele, and add in some new bells and whistles to keep the presentation current and exciting. The presenter training sessions will take place in late March or early April with classroom presentations taking place from mid-April to mid-May.  For those of you who are our “wonderful, expert volunteer presenters”, you will hear from us in February or March.  For our teacher readers, we will contact your school in March re: booking an April/May presentation.


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