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Expanding Our Roots

BCIT Forestry Students Receive Scholarships
Peter Barss, Program Head, Forest Resources

Ten students from the Forest Ecosystems and Forest Resource Technician Program were selected to receive scholarships recently from the Truck Loggers Association. The students were given their awards at the annual TLA convention on January 19th at the Premier's Luncheon.  Premier Campbell met with the students and in his speech to the convention congratulated them for their choice of career: “Today, I had the opportunity to meet with a number of young people …. in forestry from BCIT, from UBC, from Malaspina, and I think we should say this: We want young people to go into forestry and I want to thank all those young people for putting the time and the effort in to get those certificates, because they're going to be the future of forestry.”

BCIT Forestry Students award winners
pose with the Premier at the TLA luncheon.   



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