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Expanding Our Roots

UBC/BCIT Forestry Students Teach Kids About Forestry!
Lesley Fettes- UBC Forestry Admissions Advisor

Upcoming Events
“Science Made Practical” (coming in April 2007) A Professional Development day for teachers.  Please contact Lesley Fettes ([email protected]) for more details.

UBC Forestry Launches Guaranteed Admission

The UBC Faculty of Forestry is pleased to announce that it is now offering guaranteed admission to eligible high school students for entry in September 2007. The Faculty welcomes applications from strong students interested in our innovative and award-winning Bachelor of Science degrees.

UBC Forestry ProgramsWe guarantee admission to high school students who:

  • Apply by February 28, 2007 for entry in September 2007
  • Meet UBC’s English language requirements
  • Satisfy the Faculty of Forestry’s guaranteed admission criteria

“We are really excited to introduce transparency and certainty surrounding university entrance requirements”, said Director of Student Services, Candace Parsons RPF. “High school students will now know exactly what is required to secure an offer of admission from UBC Forestry.” For more information, please visit www.forestry.ubc.ca/ga.

The UBC Faculty of Forestry is Canada’s largest forestry school, offering five distinct Bachelor of Science degrees. Degrees range in focus from environmental sciences to engineering to wood manufacturing to ecology and sustainable resource management. Co-op is also available for all programs to allow students to integrate career-related work experience into their studies.

UBC Summer ForesTree Camp 2006

The UBC Faculty of Forestry’s summer camp was held in August 2006 and left behind nineteen smiling faces. This week-long day camp geared for children between the ages of 10 and 12, included activities that reflect the diversity of wood and forest sciences, including aspects of environmental sciences, engineering, and ecology. 

Staff and campers enjoy a relaxing
afternoon on the banks of the
Seymour River learning about
watersheds and forested ecosystems.

Some of the highlights included a moth-trapping session with UBC’s Dr. John McLean, a trip to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve to learn about watersheds, the opportunity to test the strength of various tree species in Dr. George Lee’s wood strength lab, and a visit to the First Nations House of Learning, where campers were introduced to traditional drumming and singing.

The two camp directors had many positive things to say upon the camp’s completion: “The sheer energy and excitement of the campers was astounding!” claims Lesley Fettes. “They were a very bright and enthusiastic bunch,” added Samantha Berdej, “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from parents and campers, and we hope we can continue this successful event next year!” The nineteen kids jumped at the opportunity to make oriented strandboard with Dr. Greg Smith in the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing and marveled at the opportunity to make paper from scratch! This fun, educational, and engaging camp improved community awareness of the Faculty and emphasized career opportunities in the forest and wood sectors. Our goal is to foster the future growth of this program through community awareness and positive word-of-mouth. 

For more information about the programs available at the UBC Faculty of Forestry, please visit www.forestry.ubc.ca or contact Lesley Fettes at [email protected] or by phone at 604-822-1834.


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