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Expanding Our Roots

Interpretive Trail "Raises-the-Bar" at Blue Lake
Jody McInnes- General Manager, Blue Lake Forest Education Society

Blue Lake Forest Education Society is a non-profit, charitable organization that focuses on providing experiential education programs to children and youth. The Society operates the Blue Lake Centre, a camp facility located 26 km west of Canal Flats, providing programs to the public since 1977. These education and recreation-based programs are designed to promote a balanced ecological awareness and to foster social responsibility.

Recently, the Kootenay Woodlot Education Society, in conjunction with the Blue Lake Forest Education Society, completed the development of a new Interpretive Trail in the woodlot demonstration forest at the Blue Lake Centre. The trail was developed in an ideal location to provide information on a wide variety of forest-related topics. The 1½ to 5 hour tour can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of any group interested in learning about the environment. A knowledgeable interpreter facilitates the entire tour and provides hands-on, experiential education to students and teachers visiting the Blue Lake Centre. While investigating various ecosystems throughout the tour, participants can expect to learn about any or all of the following: wildlife, habitat, forest health, tree identification, forestry management practices, forest fire ecology, wildlife trees, and biodiversity. All of the topics encourage active involvement and critical thinking, as students are encouraged to ask questions, examine relevant issues, and become involved in forest investigations.

The newly-developed Interpretive Trail brings a whole new level of educational opportunities to the Blue Lake Centre, significantly raising-the-bar on the level of programming offered there. I look forward to its unveiling in the spring of 2006.

If you have any questions regarding the Blue Lake Centre, the Society, or the Interpretive Trail please contact the Blue Lake Office at 1-888-328-9998 or visit us online at www.bluelakecentre.com


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