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Expanding Our Roots
Pete Schroder- School Chair, School of Renewable Resources

Since 1967, Selkirk College has delivered relevant technical training in forest technology to serve the human resource needs of the forest industry and government departments involved in natural resource management. This educational foundation has provided many graduates with the first step towards a career focused on working outside and managing BC's vast forest resource.

DSC 9393In order to deliver a modern forest technology program, Selkirk College has looked for innovative ways to deliver integrated hands-on training that incorporates the latest technology, such as geographic information systems, global positioning systems, digital measuring devices and data capture methods, while still providing traditional training in the fundamental forest management disciplines. Students have expressed appreciation for this integrated approach, which has led to a skill set that employers recognize, credentials that can be transferred to university programs, and a nationally-accredited program.

Situated in Castlegar B.C., the campus at Selkirk College is close to the faculty's forest resource, with typically over 50% of a student's week spent outside in field-based activities, either on the college woodlot license or surrounding crown land.

For those interested in working outdoors in forest technology, the prospects for employment are good. A combination of industry and government demographics, global demand for wood products and the incidence of pests in our forests are creating new opportunities for technology graduates.

If you think we can help you or your students start an environmental science career, check us out at www.selkirk.ca/rr or feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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