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Expanding Our Roots

NFW 2006- "The Boreal Forest - A Global Legacy" Teaching Resource
Canadian Forestry Association

As with all volumes in the Canadian Forestry Association's 'Canada 's Forests Teaching Kit Series', "The Boreal Forest -A Global Legacy" (Volume #7) contains balanced background information and activities which address the crucial issues facing this region today. These lessons are designed to provide students with a wide variety of learning experiences to help them explore the biodiversity, economic value and social and cultural importance of the boreal forest. The activities are suitable for use from primary to senior grades and for all abilities, from special needs to gifted to ESL. Video, book and web resources, as well as a glossary of terms are included, along with several maps of the global and Canadian boreal region and a list of appropriate boreal research projects. Material from all seven volumes of the CFA's teaching kit series can be downloaded, and print copies are available in English or French through the Canadian Forestry Association web site: www.canadianforestry.com


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