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Expanding Our Roots

UBC/BCIT Forestry Students Teach Kids About Forestry!
Lesley Fettes- Forestry Admissions Advisor, UBC Faculty of Forestry

On Wednesday, January 18, a group of eight UBC Forestry students were joined by ten BCIT Forestry Tech students to lead over 100 grade six students around the Truck Logger's Association's 63rd Annual Coastal Forestry Convention and Trade Show.

In class, the Lower Mainland students had been learning about forests, ecology and the uses of wood. Attending the show gave them a chance to experience some of what they had learned.

Each post-secondary leader toured small groups around the trade show. Students had a chance to learn about some of the emerging technology in the forest sector and had the opportunity to ask questions of their guides about forestry, the mountain pine beetle epidemic and about education and careers in forestry. They had a fantastic time! The highlights of the trade show were the large machines, such as the skidder, feller buncher and processor outside the convention, the Interior Logging Association's Forest Education Van run by the Canadian Women in Timber, and of course the logger sports show!


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