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Recommended Links for Student Research

Canadian Forestry Association : teacher guides/lesson plans for past and present National Forest Week booklets, eg. Fire, air, endangered species. Also includes info on the parts of a tree, provincial arboreal emblem descriptions and feature articles on nature.

Council of Forest Industries
- Forest Education resource site, featuring teaching kits such as BC's Mountain Pine Beetle (Elem. and Sec.), Climate Change and Our Forests (Elem. and Sec.) BC Forest Products for the World (Sec.) and Sustainable Forest Management in BC (Sec.).

This Council on Forestry Promotion and Improvement site (Eastern Canada) outlines the many career opportunities in forestry. Includes forest professional videos, forestry facts and product info, a career search feature on forest sector opportunities and an entertaining forest professionals' video under "Tree TV".

Forest Innovation Investment's
"Naturally Wood" site features sections on BC's sustainable forest management, wood products, tree species, fact pages and a section on Climate Change and BC Forests and Forest products. 

This forest education site is packed with information about what a forest is, wildlife in the forest, water, energy, paper recycling, the forester's job, etc. with lessons and activities arranged in a well-designed format.

Idaho Forest Products
- Includes lessons, free materials, tree facts and info on the paper-making process. This site provides kids and teachers with info on wood products, forest health, tree cookies showing the parts of a tree, a forest glossary and links to other resources.

Kentucky Educational Television

Electronic field trips, career info, a glossary of forest terms and tree product info are some of the topics at the KET site.

Kids Konnect
- A teachers' site with information on numerous topics organized into alphabetical and subject listings. Look under science heading for "trees".

Learn Forestry
- Great resource for teachers. Okanagan forest education site with teacher resources, lesson plans, teaching units, bibliography lists, forest educators' newsletters, links to industry associations and websites and more!!

Model Forest Network-
Lists Model Forests across Canada and the research they do, including projects on the boreal forest, climate change, biodiversity, water, wildlife, etc.

Real Trees For Kids
- A tree farming site that includes graded subject material (Gr. 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) with topics such as tree classification, tree species, the life cycle of a tree, etc. Lots of great information for students presented in an interesting format.

Royal BC Museum's BC Landscapes-
Features "Forests", as part of the "BC Landscapes" section of their site. Check out what's different about wet, dry and cold forests in BC, find out about wildlife trees and about BC's forest industry history.

Royal BC Museum Time Machine-
To find out about BC's history, enter the "Time Machine", then click on "BC Resource Development- Forestry" and read about the history of the forest industry in BC as well as about other resources such as mining, fishing and agriculture.     

Smokey the Bear
Fire Prevention site- Information, games and videos for students on fire prevention, fire suppression and wildfires, the fire triangle, fire's affect on ecosystems, etc.

The Forest Academy:
Become a forest expert and take a journey through the woods- collect merit badges as your learn about trees and their environment.

Tree Canada-
Under "Kids and Teachers" or "Trees, The Environment and You", access info on provincial arboreal emblems with pictures of the tree, bark and needles for each of the trees, tree ID, tree trivia, tree planting guide and a description of Canada's Forests.

University of Illinois Extension Services- "A Walk in the Woods"
is an interesting site for elementary teachers and students. Contains "Walk in the Woods" video clip, nature notes, links and resources for environmental studies

The Finnish forest company, UPM, showcases a virtual interactive tour of a forest on their forest education site, focusing on harvesting, reforestation, forest health and many other aspects of forest management.

US Arbour Day Foundation - Check out the ‘Trees’ section with info on Tree ID, Planting and Care and Benefits of Trees.

Virtual Museum Site
: Enter search words “Flumes, Booms & Sawdust” to find historical photos and stories about Logging in the Shuswap.


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