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A Tree’s Story – From Seed to Finished Product

Forestry Week 2007 - Teacher Resource

Lesson Plan Materials

8 Picture Handout

Forestry Week
Brushing & Weeding
Forestry Week
Forestry Week
Forestry Week
Pre-Harvesting Planning
Forestry Week
Forestry Week
Forestry Week
Site Preparation
Forestry Week
Spacing & Thinning

All pictures in one file - 290Kb PDF

Directions for making display board.Directions for making display board:

  • Print off and cut out the circle pictures provided.
  • Spray a green tree into the middle of a 34" x 40" piece of cardboard
  • Attach the circle pictures to the board using adhesive velcro squares on the back of each picture and on the cardboard so that your display looks like the display board picture shown.
    View large display board example

Note: You may wish to have all of the pictures on the board for the lesson or put the pictures up one at a time as you present so that you have a completed board at the end.

Forestry Week 2007 Resources

Interactive forest management mapIrving Forest Discovery Network
Information about careers in the forest industry & the forest management cycle. Includes an interactive forest management map, where students can make the workers and equipment operate while windows open up with further information. Also, check under the Forest Discovery Box icon at the bottom of the page to see shavings, pulp, chips and tree cookies up close…

Idaho Forest Products
Includes lessons, free materials, tree facts and info on the paper-making process. Provides kids and teachers with info on wood products, forest health, tree cookies showing the parts of a tree, a forest glossary and links to other resources.

Council of Forest Industries
Find information on careers, videos of mill tours, tree ID info, History of Forestry in Northern BC and teacher resources. Look under "Links" for specific topics and their websites.

Paper University
Information about paper, wood products, forest management, sustainability and much more…

KET Electronic Field Trips- The Forest
Online field trips, career info, a glossary of forest terms and tree product info are some of the topics at the KET site.

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