A multimedia adaptation of

Our Living Resource:

The Forest


Kalamalka Secondary School
Vernon, BC
Information Technology 11/12 Students

A teaching kit for Grade 5 teachers

Developed by
Jeannie Steele, Educational Liaison, Riverside.
Debbie Sluggett, Educational Liaison, Bell Pole, Downie, L.P. Malakwa, Tolko, RCFC.
General Forest Health Lesson Plan
Jennifer Stewart , Educational Liaison, Tolko Industries (2005)
Editing and Layout
Arne Hetherington and Chris Bennett, INT 11/12 teachers
Student editors
Mark Breitkreitz, Preet Jassi, Jesse Parr-Pearson, Matt Hughes, Sean Stewart, and Matt Ergotic

This web site was made in order to create a much needed resource that is IRP and BC forestry connected. We believe that we have created a very useful resource that is readily available for teachers and parents. It also allows experts in their fields an opportunity to share their knowledge and resources with ourselves our students and our children.

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