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Careers and Technology

Lesson Plan

Procedure: (3 class periods… 3rd session is optional)

Day 1

Part 1: (Time: 10 min.)

  • Brainstorm: What careers do you think exist in logging? (Record on the board.)
  • Brainstorm: What technology/machines are used in logging? (Record on the board.)

Part 2: (Time: 25 min.)

  • Show the DVD “CLEM” - Ask the students to watch for careers (jobs) and machines shown in the video. Mention they will be adding to their brainstorming lists after they have watched the video.
  • Tell the students there will be a worksheet covering the general forestry information discussed in the video.

Part 3: (Time: 10 min.)

  • As a class or in small groups, use the information learned from the DVD to add to the lists of careers and machines compiled earlier.
  • Ask the class if they can think of other careers that would relate to those shown in the video? Add these to the lists on the board and explain that you will return to this list at a later date.
NOTE: Be sure to keep the list for the next lesson.

Part 4: (Time 15 min.)

  • Work in pairs to answer the worksheet provided.
    Note: Part IV of the worksheet may be introduced now and completed as homework or finished as part of the “closure” section

Day 2

Part 5: Review of last day and introduce the research project (Time: 20 min.)

  • Mark the question sheets from last day… see answer key
  • Revisit and build on the brainstorming session from last day:

    1) Have the students orally read the list.
    2) Show the picture of the planter and ask:

    a) What job/career is shown in this picture?
    b) What activities would have come before this picture? What jobs/careers would be involved with these activities?(road construction, harvest planning & gaining approval, harvesting, site preparation for planting…) Add these careers to the list from last day.
    c) What activities would follow this picture? What jobs/careers would be involved with these activities? (looking after the trees until they are free growing, health of the forest until it reaches maturity, future harvest planning & approval, road building, harvesting, site prep, replanting…)
    Add these careers to the list from last day.

    NOTE: This discussion will help students to identify the cycle that exists within Forest Management and career choices.


Part 6: Computer Research Activity (Time: 45 min.)

  • The main intent of this activity is to give the students an opportunity to explore more about one particular forestry-related career of interest.
  • Hand out the “Forestry Careers Table” and “Glossary” sheets. Note the headings and orally discuss the careers listed. (See glossary for further information.)
  • As a class, quickly review the brainstorming list and discuss where each career would be placed, using the headings for the Forestry
    • Careers Table:
      1) Assessment and Planning
      2) Harvesting
      3) Reforestation
      4) Forest Maintenance and Protection
  • Handout the activity sheet… The directions and questions in the activity sheet are intended to help guide the students through the research process.
  • Review basic computer research skills.
  • Students will answer the questions in section #1 of the activity sheet and then use the internet to find answers to the questions in section #2. Be sure to provide students with the list of recommended websites.
  • Students will go to the computer lab and complete the activity sheets. You may want the students to hand in their papers or take a third session to share their research.

Day 3 (Optional)

Part 7: Sharing the research projects (5-30 min. depending on method of sharing)

  • Students could share their research with a buddy, within a small group or with the whole class.

Closure (5 - 40 min. - depending on which of the following you choose to do)

  • Ask: “What was the most interesting thing you learned in this unit?” (5-10 min.)
  • Art activity – complete activity mentioned in Part IV of C.L.E.M. worksheet: (30 min.)
    - design a forestry machine of the future
    - name it
    - tell what the machine can do
    - explain how it would be useful in logging.
  • If you have the video “Amazing Machines”, show it to the class. As this video was produced in the mid 1990s, a class discussion comparing it to C.L.E.M. will offer an opportunity to look at how technology has changed. (40min.)

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