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Careers and Technology

Lesson Overview

Learning Outcome

  • Students will observe the diverse role that technology plays in extracting a renewable resource... trees.
  • Students will identify various careers in forestry and use the computer to research information on a career of their choice.
  • Students will have an opportunity to further their understanding of forest management.


  • What types of technology or equipment do you think are used in logging?
  • Name some careers or jobs that you would see if you visited a logging site.
  • Can you name some careers that are related to or support the forest industry?

Setting the Stage (approximately three 1 hour lessons)

  • Day 1 – Have students brainstorm to compile a list of logging-related careers and a list of logging equipment. Follow this activity with the DVD “CLEM” and then revisit the brainstorming lists to make additions. Tell students they will later complete a question sheet based on forestry information learned in the video.
  • Day 2 – Review computer research skills to enable students to complete a research project based on a career listed in the brainstorming session or in the list provided.
  • Day 3 – (Optional) Students will share their research with the class or in small groups.

Materials Needed

  • Overhead projector
  • Create an overhead of the Forestry Career List
  • TV/DVD player
  • CLEM (DVD) - Computer Logging Education Module
  • Tree Planter Picture
  • Worksheets/Handouts:
    • CLEM Worksheets
    • Forestry Career Internet Activity Pages
    • Website list
    • Glossary list

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