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Lesson Overview

Reforestation: (A continuation of the Silviculture lesson)

Part 1 (Time: 10-15 minutes)

Students will indicate what they know about Reforestation in B.C. by completing the True and False questions on Activity Worksheet #1 - column 1 only

Part 2 (Time: 30 minutes)

-Students will watch the Video "A Growing Success: Reforestation in B.C."
-Teacher will lead students into a brief discussion of some of the details from the video

Part 3 (Time: 20 minutes)

-Students will then re-answer the True and False questions on Activity Worksheet #1 - column 2
-Teacher will then discuss the results of their responses in both columns

- did any students change their answers? Why?

Materials needed

-Video: "A Growing Success: Reforestation in B.C."/summary
-Reforestation (Teacher Background - the history of reforestation in B.C.)
-Poster: "Four Billionth Tree - planted 1997" (optional)
-Activity Worksheet #1
-Quiz- Covers both Silviculture and Reforestation

NOTE: The Reforestation Video is also found on the C.L.E.M. DVD.

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