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Silviculture Systems
......Extracting and replacing a living resource

Teacher Background - Part 2

Silviculture System

a cycle of activities or treatments by which a forest stand, or group of
trees, is harvested, regenerated and tended over time.

These activities include

  • harvesting - removing the trees
  • site preparation - preparing the harvested areas for replanting or regeneration
  • reforestation - deciding on planting or regenerating naturally
  • stand tending - brushing, spacing, pruning, commercial thinning, etc. - looking after the newly planted areas until they are "free growing" (about 7-10 years)

These systems are chosen based on the following considerations:

-objectives set for the type of forest stand and the surrounding landscape
-biological diversity of each area
-non-timber forest products - mushrooms, floral vegetation, etc.
-aesthetics - called Visual Quality Objectives
-forest health - state of health in the area designated for logging
-range - farmers with range land for livestock
-water - community watersheds, fish bearing streams, etc.

NOTE: Each system produces a different stand structure - can be set to meet a single or multiple objectives.

Before any system is chosen, consideration is given to accommodate:

-Vegetation Forest Health
-Soils Terrain
-Climate Tree Species
-Economics Social issues
- Water Wildlife

The Planning Process

No harvesting can take place until a 3-5 year planning process is complete- this takes into account all of the stakeholders:

-Ministry of Forests (and Range)
-Other Resource Ministries
-Department of Fisheries and Oceans
-Native Bands
-Interest Groups
-Other resource users

The Forest and Range Practices Act of British Columbia

-guides regulations, standards and Ministerial Policy to deal with planning, forest practices and protection

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