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Silviculture Systems
......Extracting and replacing a living resource



Locate the following words in your glossary. (Check them off)

selection logging
biological diversity
site preparation
seed tree
stand tending

Silviculture Systems

Part 1: (Time: 10-15 minutes)
Teacher led activity: (Refer to: TB1: Silviculture: The Forests of British Columbia - Teacher Background - Part 1) - lead into a brainstorming session with students to determine what they know about:

-Who owns and manages the forest land in B.C.?
-Who is allowed to cut trees and use them?

If class is fairly advanced or if you wish to extend this part, you might want to proceed with further questions for sections 3, 4 and 5 on the background sheet

Part 2: (Time: 15 minutes)
Teacher led activity: (Refer to TB2: Silviculture Systems - Teacher Background - Part 2) to learn about the definition of a silviculture system, the activities and the many considerations necessary prior to harvesting any timber - ask students:

-Does anyone know what the term "silviculture system" means?
(teacher defines for students - discusses what the activities include)
-Can you think of some things that foresters might have to consider before they cut the trees down?
(Brainstorm with students - Refer to information section "These systems are based on the following considerations")
-How long do you think it takes before the harvesting can take place?
(Refer to information on "The Planning Process")

Part 3: (Time: 45-60 minutes) Teacher/student activity:
Refer to - Overhead of Silviculture Systems and answer key Teacher background: TB 2 & TB3: Silviculture Systems - Teacher Background - Part 2, Part 3
Activity Worksheet #1

a) Activity Worksheet #1, define as a class a silviculture system
-students record this definition on the worksheet (definition found on TB2 -
Silviculture Systems - Teacher Background - Part 2)
b) Overhead, answer key and Worksheet #1
(Refer to: TR3 - Silviculture Systems - Teacher Reference - Part 3)

Option #1

Place the overhead on the projector - tell students you will be discussing four main types of silviculture systems that occur in B.C. - this will be done one at a time - they are to listen to each description to determine two things:

1. to be able to locate the correct illustration on the overhead that describes the system (teacher will then write the name of the system below the illustration on the overhead)
2. to listen for key points that describe reasons for using the system students will work along with teacher to record key pieces of information on each system on Activity Worksheet #1 and will then illustrate each system

Option #2:

Distribute the information sheet (TB3) to students and have them do the reading to determine if they can identify the systems on the overhead - do one at a time and then label the overhead diagrams with the appropriate name - work as a class to extract the major points from each system to record on their worksheets - illustrate each system in the space provided


Answer Key 240Kb PDF

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