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Silviculture Systems
......Extracting and replacing a living resource


Learning Outcome

  • Students will learn about the system of extracting a living resource.
  • Students will learn about reforestation in B.C. ...
  • Students will be able to discuss the concept of sustainability.


  • What is a silviculture system?
  • What steps have to be taken prior to the extraction of trees from the forest?
  • What happens following the harvesting of trees?

Setting the Stage
Silviculture Systems

Lesson 1

Part 1,2 = Discussion
Part 3 = Student activity

Part l: (Time: 15 minutes) A teacher led activity:
Refer to TB1 - Silviculture: The Forests of British Columbia –
(Teacher Background (TB1) - Part 1)

Lead into a brainstorming session with students to determine what they already know about forestry - ie. Questions: Who owns the forest land? Who manages it? Who cuts trees? Who decides how much to cut? What is the cost of cutting timber? Is there a limit on how much can be cut? etc.

Part 2: (Time: 15 minutes) A teacher led activity:
Refer to TB2 - Silviculture Systems – (Teacher Background - Part 2) Students will learn about the definition of a silviculture system, theactivities and the many considerations necessary prior to harvesting any timber.

Part 3: (Time: 45-60 minutes) A teacher/student activity:
Silviculture Systems - Students will learn to define some silviculture systems in B.C., identify them on the overhead and complete Activity Worksheet #1 (Refer to TB2 & TB3)

Materials Needed

Overhead: Silviculture Systems
Teacher Background Information Sheets TB1, TB2, TB3
Additional Reference materials: FYI: Brochures - Silviculture
Systems in B.C. (optional)
Forest Harvesting: Following Natures Lead –
{located in pocket in this section} (optional)
Poster: "Silvicultural Systems"
Activity Worksheets

Silviculture and Reforestation

Quiz: To be given following completion of both lessons: Silviculture Systems and Reforestation.

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