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Human Use of a Living Resource: The Forest

Video Review: The Miracle Resource (15 minutes)

This video will lead into discussion/activities on the following concepts: renewable, nonrenewable, recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable, and wood products. It is divided into five main parts - it can be viewed all at once or can be divided into the five main parts each one being addressed in the Activity Worksheet

Part 1: The Introduction

-about 3+ minutes - (stop at heading "What is Wood") - this part talks about wood qualities and products
-students listen to discover some facts about wood and will be prepared to begin a list of wood products (just a few to start) on Activity Worksheet #2 - question 1

Part 2: What is Wood?

-explains the photosynthesis process as well as the continuous growing aspects
-students watch this part to discover two things: what powers photosynthesis and to be able to define the term renewable - Activity Worksheet #2 - questions 2 & 3

Part 3: Wood: The Environmental Choice

-addresses extraction of non-living resources
-students watch this segment to look for two sports they like, to see how the products are made and whether or not the resources are renewable
-what role does energy play in the use of natural resources - Activity Worksheet #2 question 4

Part 4: Wood for the World

-discusses world population projections and consequences to our resource requirements
-students listen for the word sustainability - be able to define - listen for a figure that represents the expected population growth in 70 years - Activity Worksheet #2 questions 5 & 6

Note: The world population as of December 2005, has reached more than 6.5 billion

Part 5: Wood is Everywhere

-more wood products will be shown
-students could add to their original list - Activity Worksheet #2 - question 1

Summary of video

- promotes use of wood as renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient, durable, versatile
- non-toxic / beautiful uses of wood
- draws good comparisons to other resources (eg. plastics, aluminum, oil)
- describes photosynthesis process
- answer the question “What is wood?”
- Discusses advantages to managed forests, sustainability

To order video in VHS or DVD format, go to www.forestinfo.org

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