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Human Use of a Living Resource: The Forest

Lesson Plan


Locate the following words in your glossary. (Check them off)

fossil fuels

Part 1 (Time: 15-20 minutes)

Lead students into a brainstorming session:

  • What is a resource?
  • What do you think of when you hear the words "human use" of a forest resource?
  • "natural use" of a forest resource?
  • Students record their ideas on Activity Worksheet #1 in both sections.
    (top half of the paper only)

Part 2 (Time: 15 minutes)

  • Following the above exercise, have students make observations of human and natural use of the forests using the poster "Between the Stands".
  • Students will then add ideas to the lists they began during Part 1 of this lesson on the lower half of Activity Worksheet #1. (encourage them to include things such as agriculture, mining, fishing, wildlife, recreation, tourism, cultural, archaeological, logging, etc.)

Part 3 (Time: 45 minutes)

Video: "The Miracle Resource" - Students will be asked to look for the following information while viewing this video (these could be listed on the blackboard or put onto an overhead or chart).

1) a variety of forest products
2) the photosynthesis process
3) extracting non-living resources
4) connection to sports and resources
5) the role energy plays in the use of natural resources
6) world population predictions and sustainability

Possible options for Part 3

  • Full class or group activity - list the video headings (6 listed above) on the blackboard or overhead - have students watch the video the first time to be prepared to discuss at least two of the topics on the list – you may wish to divide the class into groups and assign a topic to each group so that all of the topics will be covered.
  • Lead class into a follow-up oral discussion - what information did they get on each of the six topics - complete Activity Worksheet #2 together or view the video once again and have each student complete the worksheet independently as they watch the video for the second time.
  • Refer to video review sheet and divide video into 5 parts. Do Activity Worksheet #2 (in 5 parts) as a full class activity.

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