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Meet a Tree

Tree Identifcation

Lesson Overview without Samples

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will build on their ability to identify a local resource, the tree, by looking at its features.
  • Students will increase their ability to use the “Tree Book” as a resource.
  • Students will add to their vocabulary.


  • Can you identify a tree?
  • What features help you to identify a tree?

Setting the Stage (approx. lesson time: 1 hr.)

  • Review the use of the “Tree Book” as learned in lesson one. Look at the main features and headings to be sure the students remember how to use the book. Playing the Tree Game would be one method of review.

Materials Needed

  • Tree Book
  • Copy of worksheet
  • Copy of Lesson Plan
NOTE: This exercise may be used to test the student’s ability to use the Tree Book. Space has been left for students to gather information on a tree of their choice.

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