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Lesson Plan

Procedure (to be completed after first viewing of video.)

1. Locate the following words in your glossary. (Check them off)

ecosystem fire dependent spacing
erosion nutrients sustainable forest
fire resistant prescribed burn thinning

2. Discuss the following ideas within your group:
- What do the terms controlled burn and uncontrolled burn mean?
- What are some of the positive effects of a controlled burn?
- What are some of the negative effects of a controlled burn?
- What are some of the positive effects of an uncontrolled burn?
- What are some of the negative effects of an uncontrolled burn?

3. Watch the video a second time keeping in mind the discussion you just had and see if you can come up with more positive and negative effects.

4. Write a short essay on Fire. Paragraph one should tell what a controlled burn is and list some of the positive and negative effects that result from a controlled burn. A second paragraph should tell what an uncontrolled burn is and what positive and negative results occur. A third paragraph should give your views on whether forest companies should use controlled burn as part of their management of the forest. (Be sure to give reasons for your point of view.)


  • Have students record what they learned from the video.
  • Illustrate the changes in the forest from past to present or make a sequence diagram showing:
    a) before a fire
    b) immediately after a fire
    c) a few years later


  • Students could share their essays with their group or later with the class.

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