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Lesson Overview

Learning Outcome

  • Students will learn that there are positive and negative sides to fire.
  • Students will learn about different types of fire and the consequences of fire.
  • Students will add to their vocabulary.
  • Students will offer and defend their view on the two sides of fire in the form of a short essay.


  • Is fire friend or foe (enemy)? Discuss, as a group, what you think the answer is.

Setting the Stage (approx. lesson time: 1 hr.)

  • Have students view the video “Two Sides of Fire” with the intent of understanding what the 2 sides of fire are and how they affect the environment.

Materials Needed

  • The video “Two Sides of Fire”. (16 min. video)
  • Lined paper on which to write their essay.
  • Copy of Lesson Overview (one per group)
  • Copy of Lesson Plan for each student
NOTE: If this lesson is completed as a station, it is important that students read the overview so as to be sure that they set the stage and have all the materials required.

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