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What is a Forest?

The Station Setup

The next three lessons have been set up as stations that the students rotate through. There are 3 lessons involved, so you should divide your class into 3 groups rotating through the stations.

Station 1
group 1
Meet A Tree
Station 2
group 2
Tree ID
Station 3
group 3

For smaller groups, arrange to have 6 groups with 2 groups completing the same station assignment at one time. The two groups watching the video can view it as one large group and then separate into 2 groups to do the assignment. This approach will allow you to complete this section in 3 lesson days.

If you have the CD Rom "Squeeze Play" or the CD and booklet "Tree Tales", you could form extra stations with students visiting the computer lab to complete these activities. The CDs could also be available to students who are finished their work early.

When the stations have been completed there is a short quiz to bring closure to the lessons covered to this point.


  • It is important that each group receive one copy of the lesson overview when working in stations as they are to complete the "setting the stage" section and it lists the materials required. Each student will need a copy of the lesson plan and worksheets.
  • It works best if no more than 2 students share a Tree Book while working on tree identification. (See the "Support Materials" section should you need to order more books or photocopy parts of the Tree Book).

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