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1885 Driving of the Last Spike at Craigellachie, completing construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
1886 The name of the town of Farwell is changed to “Revelstoke”.
1889 Revelstoke’s first permanent school opened.
1892 Revelstoke’s first fire brigade was formed.
1896 Telephone service available in Revelstoke.
1898 Electric power was provided by a dam on the Illecillewaet River.
1899 Revelstoke incorporated as a city.
1900 Revelstoke’s first indoor skating & curling rink opened.
1902 First Queen Victoria Hospital opened (where Coopers in now). Steamship Reveltoke is built for service on the Columbia River.
1904 Revelstoke’s first high school opened.
1906 YMCA built including gymnasium, bowling alley and indoor pool.
1907 Horserace track built in Columbia Park (now golf course).
1912 Agricultural Hall built in Columbia Park (Now Golf Clubhouse).
1913 Revelstoke Court House opened.

Mount Revelstoke became a National Park.

New Relevstoke High School building opened (now part of Moutain View Elementary).

Revelstokes’s first ski-jumping competition held.

1915 Revelstoke Boy Scouts organized.
1916 Connaught Tunnel built to reroute Canadian Pacific railway line under Rogers Rass.
1920 First Trans-Canada airplane flight forced down at Revelstoke during a snowstorm. Landed on a farm that is the site of the present airport.
1922 First highway opened from Revestoke to Sicamous.

Iron Bridge to Big Eddy open (still open to traffic).

Revelstoke Golf Club organized.

1925 Revelstoke’s 2nd skating rink opened.
1926 New Post Office built (now the Museum building).
1927 The road to the summit of Mount Revelstoke National Park was completed.
1936 A movie entitled “The Silent Barrier” was filmed in Revelstoke.
1939 Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother).
1940 Big Bend Highway built from Revelstoke to Golden. First road to Golden.
1951 Visit of Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II).
1962 Rogers Pass Highway opened from Revelstoke to Golden.
1963 Current arena and curling rink opened.
1965 Revelstoke Secondary School opened (Current secondary school).
1967 Centennial Pool opened.
1970 Present Queen Victoria Hospital opened.
1973 Mica Dam opened.
1979 Revelstoke Community Centre opened.
1982 Current Fire Hall built.
1984 Revelstoke Dam opened.
1988 Macdonald Tunnel under Rogers Pass opened.
1993 Revelstoke Railway Museum opened.
1999 Revelstoke’s Centennial Year.

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