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CPR builds into Nicola.

45 miles of line from Nicola to Spences Bridge.

Nicola begins coal mining.


New school is opened up (Central).

Coldwater Hotel is to be built at a cost of over $6000.

Bank of Montreal opens.

1910 Installation of telephones to come soon.
1911 New bridge built over Coldwater River (connect Merritt to Collettville).
1912 Explosion of Diamond Vale Mine.
1913 Adelphi Hotel opens.
1915 24-hour phone service.

Merritt Public Library opens.

Mounted Police come to Merritt.

1922 Cheese Factory opens.
1923 Construction of Bank of Toronto starts.
1926 Fire destroys big sawmill of Nicola Pine Mills.
1931 Grand Hotel burned down.
1935 Calf with two heads born at Canford.

Merritt gets its electricity from own plant.

6 million bees brought into Nicola (5 tons of honey/day).

1958 T.V. comes to town.
1959 Merritt greets the Queen at Spences Bridge.

Nicola Drive in Theatre opens up with “Home From the Hills”.

Craigmont Mine opens.

Grasslands Hotel opens.

1964 Quilchena Square Shopping Centre opens.
1969 Old hospital burns down.
1972 Merritt’s new fire hall opens.
1974 Royal Bank opens.
1976 Nicola Valley Archives formed.
1986 Coquilhalla Grand opens.

1st year of Mountain Music Festival.

Aquatic Centre opens.

1995 Merritt Senior Secondary burns down.
2000 Plans for Trans Can Trail Link to start/end at Claybanks.

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