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Captain Jack born.

1806 Lasha born.

Canada/US boundary set at 49th parallel.

1848 Gold found at Nicomen and Thompson Rivers. Traded at Fort Kamloops, but kept secret by HBC.

Begbie visits The Forks, changes name from Cumchin to Lytton and lays out streets.

Lasha carries Hautier baby up canyon.

1860 Jail built in Lytton.
1871 Steam flour mill opens.
1874 First Thompson River Bridge.
1875 First telephone in Lytton.
1876 Big Fraser flood.
1882 Steam ship Scuzzy passed through Hell’s Gate and docks at Lytton.

Great Fraser River flood washes out railway tracks.

Gold dredge at Van Winkle’s Bar.

1908 First Model T arrives in Lytton.

One day stage trips to Lillooet. Horses changed at Halfway Ranch.

Third Thompson River Bridge.

1922 New road built around Jackass Mountain.

Captain Jack, Chief of Lytton Band, dies.

Cannery built.


Fire destroys 28 buildings in Lytton, including Lytton Hotel.

King & Queen of Siam visit Lytton.

1939 King George & Queen Elizabeth visit Lytton and leave the red carpet to St. George’s Chapel.
1949 Great fire destroys south half of town.
1951 Fire destroys Lytton High School.
1962 New High School built.
1972 High school burns down again.
1974 New High School built.
1981 Sandy’s Esso Garage & Franks Store destroyed by fire.
2001 Fourth Thompson River Bridge.

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